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Step 1:

Register Your Organization
Simply complete the registration form by giving us your official organization name, shipping information and artwork.

Step 2:

Sell Your Spirit Hoops
We’ll send 10 pairs of customized Spirit Hoops earrings for you to sell (Sug. Retail Price: $10-$15), plus 2 additional pairs (yours to keep) for display.

Step 3:

Achieve Your Goals
At the end of your trial period, simply return the earrings you don’t sell or pay for the ones you do ($6.00/Pair). You can order more anytime!
When Will I Receive My Earrings?

We will do our best to ship your earrings within 1 week of your requested shipment date. So if you need your earrings for a specific event, we recommend picking a shipment date roughly 1 week in advance of your event

What if I do Not Sell Any Earrings

No Problem!! Just send them back. We'll even pay your return shipping. Simply send us an email (friends@spirithoops.com) within 2 business days (4 weeks) of your shipment date, and we'll email you a printable USPS return label.
NOTE: Please keep your original shipping box. You can reuse this box to ship any earrings you wish to return and avoid packaging costs.

How Do I Sell My Earrings

We suggest selling your earrings in your student stores or at live events. We include two pairs of free earrings, which we suggest being worn by your sales individual while selling the product.

Are You a Licensed Seller?

Spirit Hoops is an official licensee with major colleges and universities, sororities and thousands of High Schools across the country through LRG

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