4 Things to Pack Next Time You Travel

Aug 29 2017

There's nothing more fun than taking spontaneous road trips with friends! Be prepared for those weekend getaways by having these four things ready and waiting to go on your next adventure. From sunscreen to earrings, get your travel bag fully stocked with these fun finds. 
What to Pack when Traveling
  1. An emergency kit to help with unexpected inconveniences

From safety pins to deodorant to clear nail polish, this kit from Pinch Provisions has all kinds of things that can save you from awkward situations and they’re all in a compact bag you can toss in any purse. It’s easy to transport and chock full of things you often need but seem to never have on hand! To make sure you’re always covered, keep one in your car, your gym bag, and your purse. You never know when you might need to fix a loose button or a bandaid to soothe a pesky paper cut.

 Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit

Minimergency Kit via Pinch Provisions

  1.  Versatile jewelry you can wear with everything in your suitcase

Jewelry can make or break an outfit but since you can’t pack all your jewelry for every vacation, it’s best to bring a few versatile pieces that’ll work with every look you packed. Look no further than Spirit Hoops for statement earrings that are lightweight and easy to pack. And you can easily switch out your Spirit Hoops covers each day you’re on the road! One pair of earrings can bring you endless jewelry possibilities while you’re traveling.

Spirit Hoops

Flowers Hoop Earrings via Spirit Hoops

  1. A mattifying sunscreen that doesn’t feel like sunscreen at all

Wearing sunscreen is important all year round, not just in the summertime. Spruce up your SPF any time with Supergoop’s mattifying sunscreen spray. It smells delightful, protects your skin, and offers a non-greasy finish to keep you looking fresh. Snag a travel size bottle for your purse  and spritz your face anytime you’re going to be out in the sun or you’re feeling a little oily.


Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 via Supergoop

  1.  A sweet and savory snack for when hunger strikes

Sometimes during long days of travel or exploring, hunger can strike at inconvenient times. Keep a tasty snack in your bag as a treat you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Our favorite travel snack is blueberry almonds from Naturebox, which you can now pick up at your local Target! These are perfect for traveling since they aren’t affected by heat or cold and won’t get flattened in your purse like all those granola bars you toss in your bag and forget about.

 blueberry almonds

Naturebox Sweet Blueberry Almonds via Target


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